Keynote Address: Community Engaged Post-Secondary Public Scholarship: Opportunities with Service Learning 

Professor Elias Mpofu, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney  


This paper proposes community service learning as a high yield post-secondary education strategy with unique capacity for real-world applications. Service-learning is an evidence informed experiential approach to enrich the student learning experience by bridging the concepts learned in the classroom setting to naturalistic settings in which these may apply. It considers ways to engage students in substantial learning that extends and integrates classroom based instruction with thorough reflective learning from carefully selected community experiences. Students participating in service learning experience interdisciplinary learning from their understanding of the multi-causation of phenomena.


Elias Mpofu, PhD (UW-Madison) DEd (UP), CRC is Professor and Head of Discipline, Rehabilitation Counselling at the University of Sydney. He has published on evidence of service learning to enhance applied learning of health sciences education students in scholarly journals such as the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 14, 46-52. Professor Mpofu is recipient of a service learning inter-professional study development award from the University of Sydney’s Institute of Learning and Teaching (2011), now in its third year of implementation with an undergraduate study unit offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences of the same university.

For more about Professor Mpofu’s current research and teaching please see http://sydney.edu.au/health-sciences/about/people/profiles/elias.mpofu.php